Time to 30



Jam got me an amazing pedicure manicure appointment today, so lalalaa i went. Nothing like a good pedicure to make you happy, plus i could get nail color put!!!

result:gorgeous red toenails and perfect french fingers

I got to the salon[which will remain unnamed], and i entered to find this aunty T sitting in paper thin slip thingie and there was a lot of her!!she was smoking away and getting herself waxed. I sat down,and the whole shibang started, while i was casually reading the cosmo for sep. Aunty T had a friend aunty A, and while T got herself very very waxed right in front of us,i learned all about T and A’s life story…their tattoos, snooty kids, husbands with lots of money, their mums turning all girl at the ages of 56 and 63. I couldnt help overhearing,well i was sitting right next to them so its not like i had a choice!!no way

i was still getting silently scandalised by all the gossip, when aunty T got up turned around and pulled up whatever scrap she was wearing and started showing a m,ark she got at some weird area…OK I WAS NOT LOOKING BUT I WAS LOOKING, it was one of those moments when you sure as hell dont want to look, but while you are thinking that YOU ARE LOOKING!!!

anyway, from then on i strictly started looking in the opposite direction, but the conversation was just too good and yes my ears were flapping somewhere in teh middle of aunty T and A.

SOOOO people moral of the story is…if getting a pedicure, please get red toenails, nothing like red toenails;)

my best “man” friend

fadi and me

fadi and me

reaching 30’s with you has been fantastic.

thankyou for all the movie sharing

thankyou for the randomness, i now seek everywhere

thankyou for dance moves

thankyou for the “practical” approach

thankyou for the shopping trips

thankyou for the “hmmmm, but you shoulds”

thankyou for the organisation

thankyou for “deep insights”

thankyou for being your lousy OCD over bearing supercalifragalisticexpialidocious self!!!

thankyou for the MOST IMP xyz’s

thankyou for all…and i wish you all the best,even if i might not share that with you in person

you are the best “man” friend a girl can ask for:)


turning 30 has yet to happen, but i got the best possible pre birthday surprise. Thankyou allah mian for giving me friends who have ALWAYS been there.

story goes like this:

so there was going to be an iftar plan at sara’s, the only glitch was that i kept wondering why none was saying anything and planning and all that. Still!!! my plan was to dress up and get a blowdry and all that…jam rescued and i got a free perfect blowdry appointment at Bina’s[ my hair is in this semi disastourous state, so blowdry seemed like heaven]

So feeling all new and shiny, i left for saras place…late as ever!!!and it was azan time when i got there[ehem… i open my fast 2000 million minutes later] so anyway i got there and there smack in the middle of the drawing room, there are balloonss and m is giving me flowers and i am totally losing my orientation…”ummm whats happening” [ let me also add that since it was officially iftar time, half the people had gone for a smoke] confused and dazed i went out and found uzi, who went on to say..”did you get your surprise?” and im thinking….okkk im majorly missing something here…

Sooooooooo it turned out that all this was planned and i was in the middle of my own surprise party!!!:D and lovely it was, perfect place, perfect friends and perfect food….starting to 30’s couldnt have been  more perfect!!!

dancing queen only 17

this was my nick the other day on msn..this followed

friend 1: i didnt know you were 17:P

me: who knows, i feel 17:P

friend 1: yehhh rightt!!! go on fool yourself

second window

friend 2:hey youuu, i thought the number was 30 not 17!!!

me: number is 30 but status is 17, should there be a problem?

friend 2: uhhhh no…but perhaps you should be facing the fact that your are going to be 30 and ARE NOT 17

me: umm exactly why am i friends with you again???

window closed

after this i got thinking, do people really have such issues with numbers. Then i did a “dont lie to yourself, be honest” question type thing, if being 30 really effected me..but well all soul searching proing and conning..i realised that it didnt!!!It matters to my mom alot..yes but not me.

we ourselves put such connotations to numbers and then when anyone asks tou tension hoti hai. so yes i am turning 30 end september,

no i am not married

no i dont know if any clock is ticking ummmm

yes i would love to have babies

no im not some crazy career oriented fanatic who hates men

yes till almost 30 i was fantasising about marrying the love of my life, but didnt

no i dont know if it will be the same again

yes i want to be a pretty bride and get myself photographed

no im not really 17, but thankgod i feel it!!