dancing queen only 17

this was my nick the other day on msn..this followed

friend 1: i didnt know you were 17:P

me: who knows, i feel 17:P

friend 1: yehhh rightt!!! go on fool yourself

second window

friend 2:hey youuu, i thought the number was 30 not 17!!!

me: number is 30 but status is 17, should there be a problem?

friend 2: uhhhh no…but perhaps you should be facing the fact that your are going to be 30 and ARE NOT 17

me: umm exactly why am i friends with you again???

window closed

after this i got thinking, do people really have such issues with numbers. Then i did a “dont lie to yourself, be honest” question type thing, if being 30 really effected me..but well all soul searching proing and conning..i realised that it didnt!!!It matters to my mom alot..yes but not me.

we ourselves put such connotations to numbers and then when anyone asks tou tension hoti hai. so yes i am turning 30 end september,

no i am not married

no i dont know if any clock is ticking ummmm

yes i would love to have babies

no im not some crazy career oriented fanatic who hates men

yes till almost 30 i was fantasising about marrying the love of my life, but didnt

no i dont know if it will be the same again

yes i want to be a pretty bride and get myself photographed

no im not really 17, but thankgod i feel it!!



after 5 years of not being associated with an agency, i am now officially working in one.Almost everyday i find a reason to not be here and yet i am comfortable with the way things are here. Yes, its contradictory to what i used to think, but right now as far as i am concerend im in a job that i kind of like, but since it pays ok, i just go on with it.