Jam got me an amazing pedicure manicure appointment today, so lalalaa i went. Nothing like a good pedicure to make you happy, plus i could get nail color put!!!

result:gorgeous red toenails and perfect french fingers

I got to the salon[which will remain unnamed], and i entered to find this aunty T sitting in paper thin slip thingie and there was a lot of her!!she was smoking away and getting herself waxed. I sat down,and the whole shibang started, while i was casually reading the cosmo for sep. Aunty T had a friend aunty A, and while T got herself very very waxed right in front of us,i learned all about T and A’s life story…their tattoos, snooty kids, husbands with lots of money, their mums turning all girl at the ages of 56 and 63. I couldnt help overhearing,well i was sitting right next to them so its not like i had a choice!!no way

i was still getting silently scandalised by all the gossip, when aunty T got up turned around and pulled up whatever scrap she was wearing and started showing a m,ark she got at some weird area…OK I WAS NOT LOOKING BUT I WAS LOOKING, it was one of those moments when you sure as hell dont want to look, but while you are thinking that YOU ARE LOOKING!!!

anyway, from then on i strictly started looking in the opposite direction, but the conversation was just too good and yes my ears were flapping somewhere in teh middle of aunty T and A.

SOOOO people moral of the story is…if getting a pedicure, please get red toenails, nothing like red toenails;)


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