fear factor

Lately the ferocity of things happening in Karachi is hitting you in the face. First the president and then the economy crumble. I have never been one of those who are very involved in the political scenario of the country, sadly I have just been watching and living, not doing. But then, what could you do? What CAN you do even now, but I certainly can’t not face the happening around anymore, political or social.
When I heard that new song by Shehzad Roy, I was very girlishly excited because some twisted innocent person in me thought, “ok there is hope and we can laugh at ourselves and still grow”.
I was wrong, we are not laughing, we are all shit scared, and on the face of it we all might say,” its ok an we cant run away from our own country” but actually every single person is looking for a way out…but no one is to blame. What do you do, when people are being laid off on a day’s notice, girls are being kidnapped, women raped.

I have a class coming up, I OWN PAKISTAN, and a whole list of influential “good” people will be chairing this panel and talking to a bunch of students from college. Right now I am thinking, is this part of our doing something to fix things? Or is it just a THING we are doing, which is going to result in nothing.
When will this fear of bad leadership end?


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