end this post

i have found that cloth material for shirts and pants and shalwars make perfecttt beach wear…unsticthed!!!![you just have to know the knack for it]

just wanted to say something strange before starting to write:)

lately i have seen a lot of anxiousness in people, about doing work, preparing something, opinions, everything, its almost like a timer is set and everything has to be done during that time. i do that too, when its almost like i am running against time.

on a lighter note, after a span of 3 weeks when i was reading “bitch in the house” but it wasnt finishing because everytime the continuity and rhythm set, the story would end and i would loose both rhythm and continuity. The firat 2 parts of the book, i could relate to very much, but the 3rd part was a little difficult to relate to as it dealt with things i dont know about..yet! hence i decided to let that be and move onto another book.

so bitch in the house now lies in the stack of my most loved books and hopefully later[weeks, months or years] i will pick it up and reread the part i left behind. But i do reccomend that book to most girls!!its a must read.

i am beginning to find that my trhoughts are very scattered these days, i loose the thread easily..

and now i want to end this post


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