broken bed and other stories

Last night i was sitting on my sofa cum bed and working on my laptop [as the name suggestes , was sitting on my lap], nash had sent some pictures of her girls [everytime she says that i call her a STEPFORD wife..heheh she hates me for it…THE GIRLSS ARE PLAYING…ewwwwwww]

So anyway i called my parents to my room to show them the GIRLS *now my deal is that i normally dont open the entiore bed to sleep, with my height i can sleep on half bed and it looks nicer that way so i let it be* ami abba came, abba sat down on one end, my room was dark, ami came and leaned down  on abba and we saw the pictures, they were just about 6, and then DHUMMMMMMMM, the bed went phattaakk and fell and we fell and that was the end of it…ami started throwing a fit how i dont open the lights in my room [a forever debate] now i had stuff lying in my room, that i didnt want Abba to see so teh lights were off…so i turned the bed over and the metal legs had come off completely, point of connection broken, snapped open!!aaarghhh

NOW i ahve a hump in the middle of the bed, now it cant be a sofa neiter can it be a bed…i slept on the floor

today ever since i came to work, i am edgy pist off irritated and ready to bite anyones head, my work people can vouch for that…AND ITS NOT BECAUSE OF THE BED< SOME OTHER FREAKIN REASON THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW!!!!



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