my muse, where art thou?

something is missing, my muse!

i am not bing able to set my mind right, feel good, or just be ok. A large part of me wakes up thinking its going to be a good day and then after a while that feeling is lost.

all around me good things are happening to people mashallah.

*i am not being judgy or unhappy or jealous of them*

just thinking to myself  that is it my short coming that i am not being able to see the good things happening to me?

it is almost like i am giving myself negative energy…worst thing one can do i know.

but i seem to have no control over it…i am losing my touch at the moment and i hate that.


2 thoughts on “my muse, where art thou?

  1. noo i think its not a short coming in you just a tip in the balance in which one tends to view life. you want some things and you dont get them so obviously that taints your view of the other good things happening to you- its only naturall

    the key is in i think, focusing on the stuff that makes you feel good- and sometimes it takes much effort, but end mein it usually works

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