little time

My friends father passed away last night and all the way from last night till the burial time this morning, all I could think of was my own father. Most of the time, I am not home and when I am I am on the phone, watching TV reading, every random thing and don’t get much time with abba or ami. But today I just kept on thinking about the end of my parent’s era [I felt horrible for thinking like this] but it is a reality. I was thinking if I would be married, would I have kids or would jus keep thinking that I don’t want them to go away.
Recently a lot of bad omen is around, I cant help but think that this is a looming terror and as time passes by we have fewer time left with our parents or grandparents [those lucky to still have them].
I just hope that everyone remains safe, everyone, their parents family grandparents…all of them.


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