the rush hour sms

long rides home from work sometimes really take its toll on you, th crazy traffic, the long days, everything starts crashing together..and then your phone buzzez [that irritable buzz that you hate all day] and suddenly you the light bluish yellowish glow from the phone lights up your face and you break into a smile. I have seen so many people rndomly looking at their cell phones, reading an sms and just breaking into a smile…so this nuisense otherwise sometimes turns into a blessing and all the knots in your back get smoothed out and some random [ from loved one or otherwise] msg makes your day and brings you back from the dead lul of going home in rush hour.


2 thoughts on “the rush hour sms

  1. Thats the point when it feels as if a weight of a thousand tons has been lifted off of ur shoulders and that all that strain has simply left u off all relaxed and calm 🙂 a smile can change alot !

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