Wannabe styloo me

ok after ages i decided to go on with the tagging bit… because KHIZZY tagged me http://cloudkhizzy.blogspot.com [yes i dont know how to do that thing where the long link doesnt show and just the name with nice click and go thing to it!!
anyway here goes
1. how many pairs of shoes do you have?
about 6 [the ones i dont bother wearing dont count]
2. how many bags do you have?
:)12 and i wouldnt mind more:)
3. name five designers(no, GAP doesnt count) off the top of your head. can you?
promod, jimmychoo[sex and the city ref],prada, guess,victorias secret
4. how much time do you spend getting ready for work/school/college/home etc?
shower included 20!!!!!i am so proud of my self
5. how many different kinds of accessories do you have… list number with kind.
  1. earrings..bring em on
  2. scarfs
  3. belts
6. how many pairs of jeans do you have? (optional if you don’t wear jeans)
zainab market fav, black hardly ever, blue long and torn, white and sexy, and surprise surprise new skinny jeans from zainab:D
7. what is the maximum you would pay for a pair of shoes you REALLY need to have? and Bag?
depends…i would pay more for bag
8. Activity: post a picture of your five favorite shoes.(if possible ALL your shoes in one picture.lol.)
bhai the 6 i have a very normal ones..nothing to brag about
9. Activity: post a picture of your five favorite bags. or if you have less…your favorite-est.(ALL…? please?)
umm errr picture not possible..mostly because i have flu and i cant dream of getting out of bed
10. Activity: post a picture of your dresser/dressing table…what ever you call it.
look at answer to 9
this was nice ly theraputic:)

2 thoughts on “Wannabe styloo me

  1. haina… therapeutic full time!!!
    i had so much fun taking pics last night!!!
    your answers were fun and proud of you for doing the tag!!
    and skinnnieeeeeeeessss???
    i need a pair…what shop in zainab?

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