Identify yourself

I have been looking at the Gaza massacre pictures; it is like a road to death and nothing else. I see people reporting daily about the number of people injured and dead[and this mostly includes children], these poor souls don’t even know why this is happening to them…in the face of Islam and in the name of Islam these kids are brutally murdered. Happenings in Iraq are no different

Being amidst Moharram, the history of 14 hundred years ago is refreshed. For everyone Moharram is a period secluded for mourning of an EVENT that happened, most of us don’t know where it stemmed from and what it did; we miss the essence of the massacre that happened so many years ago.

The people who were Muslims, recited their Quran, said their prayers, but for the glory of the worldliness killed Imam Hussain [A.S] and his family. Did they not know what he stood for, or who he was? He was the Nawasa of OUR PROPHET [SWA], the PROPHET who taught the “jahlis” what Islam was, and all this by no war, just by being the way he was, his ways, his dealings, his teachings without force and without terror.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that i am not a “i will wear black now” shia muslim, i am very normal in my approach, so much so that sometimes people jokingly say ” bas ab tum sunni ho chuki ho”. I don’t mind all this, i don’t take all my verbal arsenal out when talking about shias or islam or anything. The point i am trying to make is that just understand where this animosity is stemming from, which is now killing the muslim world around us.

If these MUSLIMS could go to war with Prophets immediate family, then everything else is pointless and holds no meaning. From a 32 year old young man, to an 18 year old boy, a 6 month old baby, they all gave their lives so us Muslims could have our religion, we could have our unity. Karbala, the day of Ashura [as famously known] is not just a day when people were martyred, it’s a schooling that if we could only understand we as MUSLIMS would be somewhere else. We can’t even BEGIN to understand what this martyr means.

Read the Quran, say your namaz and be civil to the people around you, if that was the ONLY truth to religion none of this would have happened. There is a method to this, which goes beyond our understanding, mostly because we don’t read, we don’t listen, we are comfortably numb, or otherwise too busy in who is right and who is wrong.

None of us have a clue, and now that we see everything falling apart, we are scared.

There is always a UNITED GANG of people against the ONE who is resolute in his faith that has been the way of the world. But revolution changes that, even if for one nation, it does change. Iran is an example; even their food was brought in from Israel [supported by Americans].

We need to IDENTIFY who we are, understand each other and come together.

I did’t mean to offend anyone, in case anyone did get offended.



2 thoughts on “Identify yourself

  1. meyum says:

    ok i framed that wrong, i meant to say “stop judging each other and the differences by being in or out of a religious body”. i will edit it nonetheless..thanks:)

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