Yeh nahi dekha tou kuch nahi dekha

so i watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE last night, because first even the artwork boys at my office were talking about it and then upon watching the golden globe i find out that its winning award after award. Another factor that added to my watching SDM was the fact that a fellow teacher “Z” who managed to miss something important, as a penalty whizzed over to my office in his champgneyy Vitz and dropped off the DVD for me..

Z: “print is good, when you watch it tell me how it went”

Me: “yeh sureee, i will watch it tonight for sure”

Z: “awesome awesome”

So coming back to the movie, A MUST WATCH, the art direction is so amazing that even the little “shit den” in a slum area looks amazing right down to the yellow duppatta ending. I sat glued o the tv, and my mum walked in saying ” yeh tum slumdog wali movie dekh rahi ho?” OKKK non-movie only politics interested mum said that…movie has sure made its break!!

Ok i keep drifting from the movie plot and scenario, hmm probably because for those who haven’t seen it, you don’t want me telling you the story. the questions on this show hook you like crazy…this movie is actually a make from the book Q & A, somehow when i was reading this book, i didnt see it translating into a movie ..hahah shows my little vision 😛

This movie is a interesting insight into the downside life in India and could very well be a story of Pakistan, except we don’t have a show running called “Who wants to be a Millionaire”!!!!

Freida Pinto-Latika [the sensational beauty] joins the British actor Dev Patel- Jamal [brooding looks starting from the kid who plays Jamal in the movie] in SDM. SOOOO if for some reason you haven’t seen this movie yet and there is too much and you are waiting for the weekend…GRAB A COPY NOW!!!!

p.s: A.R.REHMAN is a genius in this!!!!




6 thoughts on “Yeh nahi dekha tou kuch nahi dekha

  1. meyum says:

    true that khizz-i think salims finale shot in the film was amazing, especially with the things happening simultaneously during that shot!!
    aneela-i am with you on the “blubbering mess”

  2. meyum says:

    danish its amazing the kind of dialogue this movie has creaed…Amitabh Bachan is involved and the debate is “why show the under belly side of INDIA??”

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