O’ Lord-o-random

There is so much going on in my head, about things i want to do!!. I am not a person who will make endless resolutions or if by mistake i have, i hardly ever stick by them because arrrghh they require too much thinking and effort and the pressure to do them is just killing!! Having said that i am dying to do something, something big grand, life changing but “making plans” and “I” are not exactly very good acquaintances.

Sooo ladies and gentleman, I submit myself to “randomness” I bow down to you O’ Lord of random, to tweak something.
Yes yadi yadi yada about “jab tak khud kuch karo gi nahi ho ga nahi, it’s all about getting started, you win half the battle when you start”
I get inspired and go for it but fall short… this has been a pattern for a while and I am starting to get irritated with it…VERY VERY IRRITATED.

I am hoping this subsides soon enough and LORD OF RANDOMNES shines upon me!!


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