The Official Drive

After getting my new car…yes this is the first time I am acknowledging the fact that I bought a car!!

Ladies and gentssss..i present to you
Simmerrring [aka shimmering] Green Automatic CNG COURE!!Yes finally after never being able to save money…[still haven’t] I eventually got my car..I now have no arms, no legs 😛

So anyway, driving down every day all the way from the remote areas of NN to high fundo defense [with amazing HALF DONE roads] I get my share of taxis, buses trucks [korangi bridge] rickshaws and ofcoure BIKES!! [This has to be said in urdu: saalay samjhtay hain in kay baap dada ki road hai and har cheez ki maafi hai inhain]
Over time even I have become the maneuvering type, dilly dallying the little box of mine left to right..east lane no more!!!

POINTERS for novice drivers:

  • One or two GOOD SOLID URDU gaalis, go a long way [even if muttered under your breath]
  • Buses DO stop if you honk at the verge of colliding with them
  • NEVER stay behind bikes, sway, move, overtake but stay away!!
  • Music can be a bit distracting initially
  • Side mirrors are your new eyes
  • Check car mileage for CNG, every time you fill the tank [initially] make the meter ZERO and then once you know the approx mileage you wont bee looking at the blinking green lights to know that you need to gas up!
  • Reflectors work for the windscreen when you park
  • If you have the auto lock and for some godforsaken reason you locked your keys in your car, call home or where ever you keep spare keys, be almost a foot away from the car and tell the person on the other end to press from their end into the phone..tadaaa CAR WILL UNLOCK!!!
  • Did I mention gaalis are often good for system, especially when driving long distance
  • TRY and not sit with a man [in case you are a woman driver] during the initial days of your driving!!!!
  • Attitude of “meray baap ki road” feeling changes from area to area…lasbella can be “meray baap ki road” where as punjab chawrangi signal is halfway “meray baap ki road”

6 thoughts on “The Official Drive

  1. meyum says:

    kat: your suggestion almost accomodated

    sadia: yesss i joined thios band wagon very late so drive people insane telling them about my newness

    jam:i know what you mean:) i will never forget your blog or maybe it was that article you wrote in that magazine salman abedin took out i think ,where you wrote “i stood my full height of 5′ 6″ in Plaza…..”

    God bless “driving”:D

  2. Hmm….. interesting tips. Here’s my two cents worth:

    • Leave bikes, never ever stay behind a vehicle which blocks your view of the road in front of it. Overtake at all costs, even if it means from the wrong side. Reason being if something drastic happens in front of it and that vehicle has to hit the brakes hard, you won’t know it until its too late. Take it from a guy who has been in that shithole situation.

    • If you’re stuck in a jam, especially on Shahrah-e-Faisal, try to keep on the extreme left lane. Contrary to logic, it moves the fastest. Don’t ask me why, it just does. But not if you aren’t good at maneuvering your car.

    • If you’re in a fender bender and the fault is of both the drivers, go on the offensive as if the other party was completely to blame. Because if you don’t, chances are the other driver is gonna have a go at you.

    • If the fault is predominantly yours, apologize profusely, but never ever give your visiting card. A senior manager at my company did this. He then had to face the ‘wronged driver’ every other day who would turn up at the office asking for more and more money.
    From now on, he keeps the visiting cards of a few people he wants to get even with in his pocket lest he gets in another fender bender.

    • Never convert from CNG to petrol or vice versa while you’re driving with a lot of vehicles around.

  3. meyum says:

    hahahha i love the last one saqib, as i ahve dealt with it, even though my car is CNG FACTORY FITTED..whatever!!!:P
    you dont have a blog??

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