delhi 6 or karachi 9…kee farak painda hai

delhi 6, now watching this movie was a moment of hesitation for me…on one hand there was my undying un going away unchangable love for Abhishiek b and on other hand there were these facebook status’s “watch dehi 6…NOT” or “delhi 6 sucked”

Anyway i said screw this, im watching this movie, so last night after dinner i put on Delhi 6 and first 15 mins i said to myself!!WTF..yeh kya haiii…what the hell is wrong with Abhishiek..why is he talking like Paris Hilton!!!! i died a million deaths and hated admitting facebook status’s spoke the truth!!

15 mins inot the movie my phone rang and i paused the movie, yapped away heard sone goooooddd lyrics on the other line and then another 20 mins later switched on the movie again..ab abhishiekh bachan hai  dekhna tou hogi!!

the movie is good!!i kept on thinking about the Mumbai incident when india lashed out on Pakistan and muslims in general. No proof nothing and it was BASHING AT RANDOM….”the kaala bandar” syndrome prevailed [you will know what i am talking about if you watch the movie].

Now Delhi may not be Mumbai, but it also has the same Indians living there, muslim majority maybe a little bit more. This movie showed that other side of the coin, how these differences can come just like that..without warning , only because you are looking to fight. This is a common phenomenon, it occurs not just between countries or muslims and hindus,jews..this is something that is there in our relationships aswell…if you are looking to have a grudge..TRUST ME YOU WILL FIND IT!!so instead of killing the angry monster [pardon me for using this much used word monster, i fear my post might turn into lecture type…anyway] inside you go out lashing at everyone else. TADAAAA you are te winner because yiou will find horrible things about other people, countries and relegions because you went looking for them instead of looking at yourself…infact you created them!!

Enough of that, the movie i expected to be a romantic flick, turned out to be a soul searching one…ok so maybe the “kaala bandar” and mother board was a bit much, but i think people who made it were right at heart…

Delhi 6 is movie that shakes you a bit…just ignore the bandar ..its been shot very nicely and the music is really good!!

so all in all its if only people in India would watch what their own people made and understand that “accusation left right and center” are not solutions!!


3 thoughts on “delhi 6 or karachi 9…kee farak painda hai

  1. IV says:

    The lashing out, as you call it, at Pakistan after Mumbai attacks were NOT baseless- and there was no Muslim bashing in India. Please get your facts straight.

  2. Richa says:


    I appreciate that you enjoyed the movie but I would have more appreciated if you would have enjoyed the Hindu Muslim relations and how in spite of tensions, they became united against common enemy. I would have admired you, if you have taken the movie in positive stride but sadly, i was disappointed. , “now if only people in India would watch what their own people made and understand that “accusation left right and center” are not solutions!” I thought we have better things to do and achieve instead of ridiculing others and pointing fingers at others. Maybe, I am wrong

  3. meyum says:

    hey guys thanks for the response…
    this certainly was not me pointing fingers, i throughly enjoyed the movie for it portrayed, infact i wrote this blog more so because of a few friends who didnt really like it..for whatever reason.
    this movie just made me think of what had happened in Mumbai and like everyone else i too was most dissapointed in what this world is coming too regardless of who did it and how, trust me we have similar heart shattereing things in Pakistan and i just feel that we cant be doing that to each other, WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE, and if you read my post clearly you would know that im taking this as an opportunity to reflect on everything that goes wrong because we take it in all differ4ent dircetions without understanding.
    IV this cant be a back and forth ” you said this and i said that” thing so i will simply state that i was refering to the instant reaction the Mumbai attacks had….
    its sad that we have to think like that about each other…
    Anyway thankyou for replying…God bless:)

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