devil inspired me

fashion-devil-wears-pradaSo i was getting ready in the morning and as usual my tv was switching between 9Xm and random channels between tea sips..and then i got half an hour late eventually…not because of “bakwass bund kar” on 9xm[ which i love by the way] but DEVIL WEARS PRADA, 100th re run on movie channel:D

Thats all i needed..even though i know this movie inside out..from her first time CHANEL BOOTS to the her flinging the phone in a Paris fountain upon seeing Mirandas call, i couldnt help but watch on. The devil inspired me so much, out went my simple shirt with shalwar and on came a cowl neck bottle green shirt and a funky fushia doop, not to mention silver earrings [im uncomfortable with heels to work, so i passed on that] p.s and the bangs are already in place;) and it was too hot to carry a coffe cup

The power of a movie.. feels good all the time


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