notice the good

sometimes there is so much happening with you work wise and otheriwse that you stop looking at things around you…good things pass by and you dont even know, your observation power numb.

DAWN newspaper has a fabulous KESC print ad today and i had not seen till K asked me if i had seen it and i was like no…i ran to the reception and flipped thru, a nice big ad of KESC, very angraizish yet Pakistani [you will know what i mean when you see it]

A friend has done the copy for it and i love it…NOW THAT I HAVE SEEN IT!!

i dont want so much work that i stop looking around me:(


…shutup and bounce

I have been going to the gym daily these days… my morning starts at 7 am. Its fun to drive that early. Its awesome at the gym, because there is hardly anyone there and I can do whatever I want…walk, jog tone blah blah…and no one is looking
But there is a man, lets call him Mr.Big [ used for any gorgeous man after seeing S&C]…yes there is a gorgeous guy who is there every morning exercising
And not just good looking, hot hot body!!![Forgive me M;)] so anyway he actually inspires me into not stopping…the only difference is that he uses 75k weights and I use
5: D. Oh well!!
He not muscle-y…he is just very well built, no bicep popping out unnaturally.
But seeing him there just on the go is great inspiration…obviously he doesn’t know of my obsession yet. S asked if I had taken a picture but sadly I haven’t, very few people and enough mirrors to give a 360 view to everyone even if they are blind! Know what I mean.
Here is the catch..he is not 20 or 25 or even 35 for that matter, this guy must be old like 40 atleast [ a few wrinkles gave away] but he can give 25 year olds a run for their money. An almost bald head but straight chin, very very manly, wide broad chest. I can seriously go on and on…
The funniest happened today, when I walked in this morning the song playing was “sher ki larki” remember the Raveena Tondon song, and I thought to myself what the hell!!
But this changed very soon and some good dancy numbers started playing. Initially Mr Big was just bobbing his head to one song and then came Shutup and bounce [ dostana] and he was just bouncing away…yet was so much fun seeing that life on his face and he danced away innocently and since then this song has been the song of the day for me.
Here is to a gorgeous older guy making my sadness go away and making me bounce, and inspiring me to do more and just keep going…
Till tomorrow;)