a blog was due

post trip has been a lot of sickness and a lot of work, but i have been too disoriented to work, pace as slow as 15 mins worth of work in a whole day

so i the middle of this, i took and day off and today was a holiday [ tribute to the happening of 12 may uhuhh!!]


its a holiday, i will try to sleep late the night before

its a holiday, a movie is a must even if its 3am

its a holiday,and im not putting an alarm, let alone snoozing

its a holiday, tea shall be in bed with tv on

its a holiday, back to back movie session is a must!!

its a holiday, an aftrenoon/evening nap can leave you feeling groggy and hating the next working day

its a holiday, take a nice long shower and serve tea to amma abba with style

its a holiday, aj tou blog karlo!! [atleast blog todayy]

yeh this might have been a very non serious blog but i had to give some dhaka start to myself

also¬† watching confessions of a shopaholic is making me want to swipe…oh yes there is no money but the itch is soo sweet!!;)