GO GREEN,celebrate and learn

hai ho hai ho hai koi hum jaisa


the spirit, inspiration, win we as a nation needed so badly and even as i write this i feel so proud, my heart swells up:D. Someone said it was just 20/20, not the real WORLDCUP, well all i have for whoever you are is screw you. What was out there last night after our win, i cant explain, all i know is that i was happiest and the feel good factor is here to stay inshallah.

I saw the whole thing with my cousins in my room on a tiny TV but the way we screamed, and danced around. Suddenly everyone has a reason to believ that nothing is impossible, as younis khan said, we were underdogs and he lost his hair over it, but they came up as a team and we can come up as a nation…yayyyyyyyyy. God knows we have to stop pointing fingers at people and take a stand, whatever crap people have been saying about afridi blah blah, when i saw his face after that last shot, that pure adrelaine rush look, it was written all over his face that he was there for the team and not for himself.

I hope the entire world saw PAKISTAN as the nation that knows how to love, prosper and WIN, now enough with the terrorist crap . You cant IGNORE us nomore. WE HAVE MADE A MARK.

the only thig that upset me was thr firing going on, i know somepeople got hurt and in anycase why do something like that, fireworks im all for but firing…we can do without for sure.

Inshallah this victory will take PAKISTAN places.

p.s: im wearing green and listening to all awesome old songs..

hai koi hum jaisaaaaaaaaaa




imagine this as a rap song

the caps flew in two O one

slogged with AS and IS

down the year, i couldnt bear

left with nothing in hand for future

4years it was indus again

basic, students and NY

awesome time but it ran me down eventually

next stint was camera and action

UA was a bastard, hidden behind facial hair

no dough, but good work

searching for  dough

didnt want to do it,

9 to 5 pulled me back

and here i am wanting to switch again

is it good ol 91?

or dresseing up women will be

my style

[ i suck at making a rap song]