so my shiny new car has issue , i recommend to all out there..DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA lOCALLY ASSEMBLED CAR!!! and NEVER GO TO TOYOTA SOUTHERN MOTORS ON KORANGI FOR IT!!

here is the story in a letter that my abba wrote

“I have purchased a brand new Daihatsu Cuore Ecomatic in November 2008 for my daughter’s use. I preferred a brand new automatic car for her as she should drive a trouble free car due to her odd office timings and generally as well.

With this intimation I purchased Coure Automatic, but it did not workout for her. From before the first service time the car started giving her various problems of gear noise, low pick up etc. Within four months the car stopped on the way in the late evening hours. She had to leave the car at a friend’s home for the night and had to hire Radio cab as she is not allowed to use a taxi at late hours. She took the car to the workshop of Toyota Southern where they simply charged the battery and returned the car the next day. I also did not say anything as it happens sometimes.

During the next 2 months the car again went to the showroom for some an alignment issues which was causing the car to shake and make noise, this was replaced and the other gear noise issues which had resurfaced were fixed too but apparently in vain. The battery issue occurred again last week and the car stopped just like that at late hour while she was returning from a wedding alone. This time at such an odd hour, she had to request to one of her friends to drop her all the way from Defence to North Nazimabad.

Next morning the car was again at the Toyota Southern. They kept it for two days again but initially could not find any fault or reasons for car not being switched on and then after two days realized that some unit had to be replaced which would take another 2 days. Due to her dire need for the car for then, they returned it after simply charging the battery and she was asked to bring it back next week and they will fix it.

Over all the car has gone 6 times to the showroom from the beginning till now every time with an issue, and this time was the limit, for this should not be happening in a brand new car.

If such is the condition of a brand new car from a firm of repute such as yours then how are the parents to relax and trust the vehicle when the young kids are out driving at any given hour. I bought her a new car so she would be trouble free and for my peace of mind, obviously the circumstances are completely opposite.
It is requested that kindly ask your technical people to see to this repeated occurrence of some issue or another, the car stopping just like that being a major technical problem, and if it is not rectified, then please exchange it with a new car as it is still under warranty.

Look forward to your kind cooperation.”


what am i reading?subliminal msgs?

so the past 3 books that i have read, very coincidently have a lot to say about my life:)

3 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


reading now


hmm says a lot huh..but i tell its been most fun reading them and the amazing part of how i accidently landed upon each one of them..they were almost looking at me from the corner of Mr.Old bookshop..”come read us, you might aswell”


the eventfully-uneventful chronicles

Pressure of no work and absolute boredom, hating the boss sometimes [ok most of the time these days] and a feeling of uncertainty usually leaves me yearning for some good girlfriend company. Having 2 different sets of most awesome girlfriends, who I have fought with, made peace and argued again endlessly , whined to, listened to, sent a random pointless msg keeping my fingers crossed that this msg will take away the guilt of not calling or chatting recently or atleast lighten the blow, if you know what I mean.
As my best MALE friend F said, “tumhari party full on hai”, when I told him about my Sunday and Monday girlfriend plans. N married to K and now very cutely pregnant is here from Lahore, obsessing about her weight gain, which is almost not there by the way, but considering she was SKINNY otherwise, every bulge is making her panic as she wolfs down yet another food item during the day [she is hungry all the time, OH pardon me, USED TO BE!!! Not anymore…she says this as we order mars cheesecake after lunching and having a bagel]. Ok then there is M, upon her insistence I pick her up first because she wanted to gossip a bit before reaching N [ not about N, no no, just generally, bad for baby hence had to be done earlier]. So we picked up N, and after much this and that, here and there, closed for lunch places, ended up at AYLANTO. Not exactly my choice with there barely there food on the platter when you are extremely hungry but us girls wanted to go somewhere fancy. Awesome food [less though] and a lot of gossip and [they couldn’t help it, and kept looking at me guiltily] baby talk and marriage talk later [I swear I listened in, picking up useful information for future] we left and since ELC was closed, forum was the next destination X. Bathroom trip was the first thanks to N, and lack of hygiene was brooded over.
The day ended after coffee and mars cheesecake at espresso forum and then a rickety ride in my car, when I actually stopped in the middle of SH faisal to make sure the tyres were ok. My worst fear was car toppling over.
Come Monday, and a good lie to boss about dentist trip, I went for early yoga to where Kat goes. Power yoga was good but the later day events made me sure that I was much happier with my regular yoga. After giving SJ a half an hour notice [ so she could make yummy tea and other treats for me and kat] kat me and zoey landed there. Nadi hiding and being all sharmila and general wassap conversation later I realized I was developing a bad headache. Ok now SJ, KAT and I don’t get a lot of time together so this was a precious evening, or so it was supposed to be till my little headache turned into a full blown migraine and the 2 panadols SJ gave me were conveniently vomited out. The funny part was nadi screaming that meyum was in the wrong bathroom, poor thing didn’t realize I couldn’t care while I was retching away and trying to find a cold surface. I could hear SJ and kat talking, gossiping and I could barely listen and do nothing, eventually I went to SJ room and main SHOO GAI “as nadi puts it. I remember waking up after 2 hours, missing all the fun and having SJ and Kat contemplate the strategy if I decided to not wake up!!!
Hahha but it was fun in some twisted way, I managed to drive back to Timbuktu aka HOME, swearing the head lights of other cars and after sending guilty messages to SJ and kat, went to sleep.
What would I do without you girls!!!!much love