Dear Three One

hey you,

i am writing to you because till 3o i got  all my fun, tears, laughter and the crazy need to go crazier and ofcourse my nutty car and ohh even my blog restarted on 30. and now that you are approaching with more things [good or bad who knows] i am excited, even when i know that you will be a life changing year, although ive been thinking like that about every year since 25;)


BUT!!!! dear 31, i feel good and happy and some might say its temporary or just a passing phasing but i almost feel like NOW i have really started living my life …so 31 be prepapred to make all this grow,

i have some expectations from you 31!!!!!!

make me happier

let me be patient

i wouldnt mind more love in me to give

31 you better let me have a year where i dont loose anyone, i want all my friends with me, every single one of them

i want you to make sure i dont let you NUMBER super seed me, i want that ring to my laughter throughout

you make sure i let go smoothly and welcome with love

31 make my creative juices flow more [even if the other ones are drying;):P]

write more 31, blog more

do something GRAND, something that will kick 30’s ass!!! infact kick the ass of every number!!!

and yeh 31 i wouldnt mind a fat pay raise and a new show:D [you know what i mean]

31 i want you traveling, enough bullshit now put things in action [duhh!! how else did you think you were going to kick 30’s ass]

love you, i am ready to embrace you so you better come 50% of the way..lets rock it baby!!!. This relationship is valid for a year [dont feel bad] who knows i might remember you forever;)


this is what you are up against

fatima (184) copy


yesss let the nuttiness continue:D