random thought at 1 am

“sometimes being happy go lucky and friendly is taken in a totally messed up sense..why why why cant one be free and not face weird ¬†innuendos”


muse baby muse 1

i will put up a blog everyweek, a project i do, a sketch i like, words…create my own muse.

And right now my muse is my creative investment, coming home soon. The center one is my getting into my family…


life kay speed dials

i changed my phone almost a year ago when i got it as a birthday on my 30th. more popularly knows as the “calculator phone” by my iphone savy freinds and generally the ladies carrying small phones. well the story is that i usually have numbers on my speed dial and i just noticed today how much life has changed and the top numbers on speed dial…pretty much one is constant and the others have added and one number that used to be on the tip of my tounge and almost on top of my speed dial was my boss/friend UA . he is an ass and i obviously dont have his number on the tip of my tounge or onmy speed dial for that matter…unless i am calling him dailiy to give me my money and its a hassle to go down the list [ umm no i still havent put him on SD even if i have to call him everyday to make him feel guilty]

2 of my oldest friends who i kind of got distant with in the middle are back in my life and with a bang and i cant imagine how i got distant with them in the first place.

so life changes and sometimes the speed dial numbers change, and sometimes since the numbers are in ascending order, someone has to come on number 8 and not becuase they are any less important but its just that there are only 9 numbers and if you are me then numbers and friends are wayyyyyyyyyyy mor then speed dial options.


lots has happened¬† since turning 31 and it looks like 31 just might kick 30’s ass to nirvana.update later