sans a fine balance

last few weeks have been a cross between extreme excitement and extreme frustration. and it is such a close call that nothing has seeped in and settled in my head..everything is happening one on top of the other. I finally got my macbookpro and this is the first time im getting a chance to actually sit with it and blog.

the rush of this buy should have made me go nuts with excitement but parallel to this i have had work happening like crazy. bundled with extreme frustaing and exciting moments life takes a new turn everyday. i loose inspiration and then i regain it, i get excited and then im blahed, its an ongoing battle.

nash and neices are in town living with us and everyday i think today i will go home early, but then something or the other makes it not possible. im craving to spend some quality un interrupted time but nahhhh nothing doing. ALL THIS IS TAKING THE FRUSTRATION LEVEL HIGH

my alumni piece is still in the making, and halfway through i just wanted to let go and not do it. but now its happening [or at least i think it is]

so yeh…i dont know how to react these days, its almost like everything is coming over [the good the bad and the ugly]

i hope i find balance


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