eid, fever and movies

in frenzy of the past week with back to back shoot happening and work happening on a similar roller coaster pace, i havent had any rest time or just chill time. even with my nieces i havent spend the kind of time i wanted, and then suddenly it was almost eid. I am not particularly fond of this eid, too much ghost stuff happening and no eidi which sucks big time. [“and thats not even fair”, this line is my latest anthem i have learned from my niece shanz]

i was looking forward to the bbq at S place the night before eid, although it would have been a difficilut task with everyone over and assi flying in too but i thought i would manage somehow. ummm err no such luck because “my fell ill” [another thing i have learned from my little niece alvi, she does not have “i” in her dictionary]

all through eid i have been coughing and getting hot and cold spasm, and to top that my amma has finally decided she cant handle the gosht business anymore and no more qurbani from next year [ after a meltdown midday] money will be given instead. a decision my bro in law is very happy with becuase he doesnt belive in qurbani and as is other then my abba noone is fond of eating qurbani ka ghost [so all gosht will be given away] trust me the CHICKEN ki biryani last night was a breath of fresh air, even though i couldnt even take a bite thanks to my crazy fever.

ok im losing the track here as usual.

so yeh where was i, the fever!!! the hot and cold spasm, chill in spine, not wearing new clothes because i couldnt shower, being a bhangi on eid. All this pretty much culminates my eid.

movies happened:D thankgod for F who supplied me with enough to last me 10 eids!!

Although im in love with cooking and my dream is to have my cooking show in BBC food, im not doing anything about it..and watchingJULIE AND JULIA

last night got me all geared up. Meryl Streep is awesome in this movie as Julia Child, but i can relate more to Julie who is a present day passionate girl who wants to do something big and see it till the end. I loved her passion, her tantrums and her way of dealing with things. Its a must watch movie.

so yeh eid has been about all this fever ,movies and finally some time spend with the girls…one more day of holiday to go.

i am also very anxious about the alumni show, i tried something new and even though i dont care how everyone will perceive it, im still hoping they like;) i was almost getting myself out of the show but then opted against it. I hope i will remain a part every year and do something new no matter how crazy


5 thoughts on “eid, fever and movies

  1. hang in there! i was sick this eid too and between gradschool work and my little z and family commitments, i’d pretty much had it! i feel your pain 🙂 but you know sometimes falling ill is god’s way of telling us we need a break!

    ps: i JUST saw your comment on my blog (i think you left it a month ago) – thanks for dropping by..

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