16 going on 17

The second annual Alumni Show, a supercilious, fantastic effort from the people who have been organizing it. I wish i had dont more exciting things for the show, knots could have been funkier, well i have  no one to blame but myself. Nonetheless i am a proud show-er at the 16 and  glad i stayed committed, even though i had my last-minute jittery back out moments. My only thing for the Alumni Show organizer is that ” maybe there should be a committee who chooses the kind of work that goes up, so only creme a la creme’ of IVS Alumni shines through”.

sometimes i cant imagine it’s actually happening, a few years ago we all used to just talk about it and some people actually made it happen so big kudos to them.

Now as Alumni its our thing to just put the absolute best out there for the rest of the karachities to see and get inspired.

looking forward to 17 with much more vigor and passion.


3 thoughts on “16 going on 17

  1. as an organizer i have a question for you-
    what if someone- anyone tells you that your work isnt good enough to be exhibited? how would you take it?-

    its something we have discussed and argued and the fact of the matter is that if this is to actually represent the work that the IVS alumni produces as a body then it has to reflect that truth and the truth is that everyone who has graduated isnt necessarily doing amazing work. Some people do medicore work and that too finds audiences. How does one draw the line in art which is relative anyways? I feel that the show will automatically evolve and people with avergae work will realizre that as better and better work goes up , they too will have to step up their game and try to make themsleves work harder and maybe that in the end is actually what we hope for?

  2. i think art and how you perceive it is personal… and relative.
    everyone will react to something differently. and work that you hate will possibly be the favorite of someone else’s.
    I don’t think anyone should be denied the opportunity of showing their work. My work wasn’t great, and i know i would have been shattered if i had not been allowed to display, or told that it just didn’t cut it.
    i also know that being able to be a part of this one, with my ‘mediocre’ work, has inspired me to do better next time… and plan ahead. the line is great looking and tough… and i didn’t think anyone’s work wasn’t worth presenting.

    really liked the big golden disc scarf.

  3. meyum says:

    sara i remember having this conversation last year, when you had initially said that there was going to be a panel who would decide which work would go up, and eventually we were both of the opinion that it shouldnt be judged. [ what if there was? i was just contemplating that and how would it workout?]
    I completely agree with what you are saying, i am not even saying anything about good work or bad work, last night i was just reviewing from a point of view of someone who is not from indus and how they would percieve it. I think my work was not what i had wanted it to be, you dont understand how exposed and unsure i was feeling even after it was up.
    khizra yes opporunity is the best part of AlUMNI SHOW, like i said i was very proud to be a part of this, and what sara is saying about people eventually understanding and making themselves work harder and put up the creme ala creme’ type work..i guess that will take time.

    Bottom line, i am just happy that there is something like thi s out for us to be a part of. We should plan ahead and try and do our super best and mke sure of it, organizers have done their bit its people who are taking part in it who will eventually realize what big platform this is and step up in their game

    thanks khiz:)

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