google life?? they say

Yesterday an over excited ME was present through out the day to celebrate with the batch of 2009 their graduation, the largest batch and the most amazing students…i wanted to be there with them.  I taught them 3 years ago, the last IVS batch i taught with M, and we were very proudly MnM by the end of it.

so moving forward, yesterday when an over excited me was going around college hugging kids, congratulating them, doing stuff for the alumni, i was loving every bit of it!! yes it was a saturday and instead of being at home chilling i was spending my entire day being with kids who were graduating…what a loser !!!!:P i obviously dont have a lifa na??!! crazy fools you all who dont have a “real life” themselves and think that if you show joy at people who you love or if you want to be happy with the people who make you proud is craziness. While i was going around trying to get the graduating students to come get their pictures taken at the Alumni booth i heard, “google life!!”, i turned and it was none other than a student who is obviously above and beyond all this, he was embarrassed that i had heard him and said, ” oh not you miss”, i just gave him a grin  which was ABOVE AND BEYOND for him and walked away, calling thr kids over..

i was proud yesterday, very proud and remarks like these gave me a twinge for a second and then i thought, why am i concerned?? this is too muc of a moment for me to get washed over by ridiculous comments like these.

o must mention  the amazing amazing alumni stall with great stuff…we have been coming a long long way and will do even better. wish,change,communicate,wonder..yayyy

picture credit: MJ and AM

can you see this is LIFE!!!!!;)


4 thoughts on “google life?? they say

  1. khizzy says:

    are you serious? i would so not have walked away without saying something.
    not that i give a shit who thinks i’m a loser because i love that place, but seriously… can i please guess what batch this was?
    uff tobah this has bugged me so much.
    i’m so sad i missed this.

  2. AQ says:

    I don’t get it. What did he mean by ‘google life’? I’ve never heard that before.
    When you’re happy, be/stay happy! Let no one make you feel otherwise 🙂

  3. so i went and googled life- and showed up which is the most amazing collection of the most alive exciting, vital passionate images of the world 🙂

    id say thats a great sign to continue being who we are trying to be- as opposed stopping to be who he is…someone (read loser) who feel superior by making those who are doing something- anything- passionately, feel inferior because it doesnt fall into his line of narrow limited thinking of what LIFE really is. his loss.

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