This is something i came across abhi, hilariously put rendition of Pakistani mindset, although i personally cant stand it when people use the word “burger” to categorize ¬†bridge kay us par and is par, but fun read.

i had an episode with this ristha auntie who came from defence with her filmi sa beta and very aptly said..”bhai hum defence main tou rehtay hain magar hum un burger type logon jaisay nahi hain” as she pulled up her short short si capri pants even more

yuck .puke!!!


To God

~by keeping us apart are you preparing me for something big?~

~and thankyou for the car, i cant thank you enough! i may not pray regularly but really thankyou god for the freedom~

2009 stories

10  fab things that changed 2009

  1. becoming khala to zoey 2 months earlier
  2. alone trip to s’pore to nash and kids
  3. random trip to dubai for little k book launch and rendezvous with SI at A’s new apartment
  4. pay raise:D
  5. buying a macbookpro
  6. getting first installment of old debt
  7. -8-9-10 the most wonderful and worth every sec and the last 3 things was having nashia alvi and shanz over at our house for 2 months, with eid , asad surprise trip, alvis birthday, sitting through dinners and lunches, endless baby tv hours, teaching cham cham cham to alvi and shanz,crayons and my borders notepad all over my room, little tantrums, evening popcorns, opsy-schidles, opsydoddles, wearing patta at azan time, basically having my life turn messy and crazy for 2 solid months. would not change that for anything. So even after my room is back in shape, no crayons and papers around, my own tv time everything in order i am still order less but still 2009 became super awesome because of these 2 months.

hope 2010 is even better:)