This is something i came across abhi, hilariously put rendition of Pakistani mindset, although i personally cant stand it when people use the word “burger” to categorize  bridge kay us par and is par, but fun read.

i had an episode with this ristha auntie who came from defence with her filmi sa beta and very aptly said..”bhai hum defence main tou rehtay hain magar hum un burger type logon jaisay nahi hain” as she pulled up her short short si capri pants even more

yuck .puke!!!


4 thoughts on “burgeristan

  1. Sohaib Athar says:

    Well, I am from Lahore and so did not take into account the whole bridge ke us paar is paar wali cheez while writing. But sorry for your loss re: filmi boy and disco aunty. 🙂

  2. meyum says:

    haha yes we have this weird thing happening as a joke..hota hai hota hai,
    anyway but i actually really like your description, i might not like the word but the description kicked some burger ass!!!

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