jal-us nahi hona please

i give off  some weird vibes obviously or im just too good:P, for the FOURTH FREAKING TIME, i heard a male friend tell me how his [fiance’. wife. girlfriend.whoever] had a problem with me and that he shouldnt talk to me.

now there are 2 ways i can assess this, the totally wrong way or i ca feel wonderful about myself and just go ahead and say..”jalouss ho kay mar jao gi”

and to the men who give in to such things…sod off!!!!


2 thoughts on “jal-us nahi hona please

  1. Its actually tricky. and mostly issues with the couple’s relationship.
    in usual cases once the guy gets engaged, girlfriend-ed, or married he sort of loosens up with the whole courtship thing.
    he slacks off on the effort making since he feels that the acquisition of ‘lady love’ means he’s in, and doesn’t need to work hard anymore.
    lady love however still wants the same attention and is already kind of pissy about the change in her partner and seeing him with his female friends( who he still feels the need to be all ‘cool’ and suave in front of) makes her jealous.
    its natural. her feelings of jealousy and his side too.
    she wants the same attention as before (as we all would and would hate to see some other girl getting) and he still has his image as cool guy to maintain in front of people he is not as close to(as we all do.)
    its not her fault since years of exposure to love-stories and gooey movies make us believe that marriage is the epitome of romance and “THE END” in these comes before they can show us the hard part/reality of marriage.

    so not to be a downer, i bet you’re awesome, but its mostly about them(and any girl he is good friends with).
    we’ve all been that hated girl.
    we’ve also all been that insecure girl, and know the kind of pressures we are capable of putting on the man who loves us. and HE will ultimately prioritize.

  2. there are all kinds of premises for relationships in the world sadly and kudos to the man who can do this to keep his wife happy and sad for him that he cannot convince her otherwise.

    as far as you go, any married woman who even an iota of insecurity in her relationshp WILL have a problem with a good looking single independent girl haning out with her husband. Its a thing. She is now the typical and you are the unusual. and her antsy vibes will work overtime. Shes damaging herself and the guys thing with her because all guys indulge this for a while and then soon enough will simply stop telling her. Yes im generalizing to th max 😀

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