~those who do not show their romantic dreamy side, are usually the most soulful~

its me or probably just the fact that i am watching “dil tou pagal hai ” at the moment or maybe the fact that more and more i am seeing people like that


crystal ball

i once had a “Crystal ball” situation, where someone told me that my life would get really exciting and big post 30, i was very young then and the thought that damn i have to wait till 30 for excitement was a major blow to my romantic, dreamy soul. given that, i just trashed the whole notion and said whatever to so called what ifs and future etc, i just lead my life everyday without thinking, just living my life. i fell in love, i lost direction, got it back, everything happened and life carried on.

now post 30 , lfe is still exciting and future still unpredictable, but its nice. I like the unpredictability, i like having freinds around who are completely settled in life with kids, yes i have my moments [ oh well ok days!!] of sadness or loneliness or where am i going but having said all that in retrospect everthing makes sense to me and the crystal ball situation has come true, not because its some “oh my god i heard this ages ago its meant to be” no . i am just a stronger person now, i am better at being me, mashallah allah mian has given me friends who make up my life [few but precious] and i am more more me. my career is in the process of turning, and  i am liking this turn, its making me grounded and even though its after a long time, but the change is happening and i am loving it.

again i am leaving my post conclusion-less, but oh well, even my life is conclusion-less right now and its fine 😉