how to treat your mom and other advices

ok so yes its been long overdue! a long post about my BIG THING of turning 32 and all the emotional drama that followed, getting into 2011 etc etc. I cant possibly write it all here right now but the BIG thing post is definitely coming soon.

So the reason im writing right now is that there was lots going on in my head about moms in general. My own mom, i mean she still obviously treats me like i am the most stupid girl alive and none of my experiences in life really matter [but that i think is just a mom thing] my mom and i are not the huggy, cuddly touchy feely kind, especially my mom, she is not the overly emotional type,infact she starts crying if in conversation someone starts doing her “hamdardi”.  She is emotional like that, anyway long story short, mom and i have arguments , we dont always talk in sweet words to each other and yes i am rude to her sometimes which i am not proud of at all, but that is the way ami and i are.

So SOME of my mom friends of mine, who have now experienced bearing a new life and  having that bond with their children obviously have seen the new meaning to mother and child relationship!!which is great! But hey when you start lecturing me in how i should behave with my mom and how i am being  rude to her [i understand it is from the goodness of your heart ] but when you say ”  but u need to chill out a but with ur mom” i think back to your behavior with yours before shadi and baby. I understand the concern but hey dont turn all “i know what it feels like for a mom & i have to tell you so” on me.

I love my mom and i have a different relationship with her, we have our moments like every other mother and daughter. Things come and go, good times and bad hey take it easy on me girl. I may not have your kind of experiences but i am not exactly a moron either.