tummy love in jars

I am the comfort food girl.i am the girl who likes to cook[but doesnt] I am the girl who  relinquishes to extreme hunger at 12pm. I am the girl who at the lack of anything worth it to eat [obviously if mum has made gobi for dinner, don’t get me wrong I like gobi , just not when I have come home at 9pm and all I could think on my way while driving was , yup FOODDDD!!!!] will make her quick pasta dish with veggies and sausage or whatever there is and plonk in front of the tv and HOG!!! I am the girl who makes her own lunch and god forbid if I don’t, I am usually [by 11am] trying to find out where I can order lunch from! Infact I have a song for myself…

I’ve got you under my skin [uhuh the fat]

You make my world spin baby

The thought of you makes me wanna go grab ya

Every time it doesn’t have to be grand

Everytime it doesn’t have to be hot…

Just stay by my side whenever I need you

Ok I think that was a tad bit too much!!! Anyway, what brought this on was my jar of goodies that I keep on my bedside right along with my other love…my books! These jars vary from having homemade namak para, to some oatmeal cookies, to peanuts, to a concoction of nuts. Haha ok obviously I am very hungry at the mo, so this needs to get posted and if you are crazy hungry like me then you might want to check this out and for now just maybe feast on design…i am hoping the later would be yummy too!!! oh and if you are currently FB-ing then this here might strike your food fancy too!!*wink wink*
and before we say cut..here is my treat