Lights Camera Action-BIG thing of 32

When i turned 30 i bought myself a car and when i turned 31 i got my lovely Macbookpro. Last year almost right till the end i kept wondering what was my big thing for 32…and then boom i realised i was living my big thing for 32, i was working as a SET DRESSER FOR A  MOVIE, a BBC films and sun dance film project, based on a Pakistani story and by a pakistani director Sabiha Sumar [ from the khamosh pani]RAFINA ladies and gentlemen!!.

Finally i said it, yes its 6 months too late but i just never got around to writing it. This is was an overwhelming project for me that i didnt realize how big it was till it finally ended on 3rd december after an intense month and a half long shoot [no day no night] and almost a month and a half of pre production!! Rafina is a project that got me hooked again into a world of creating illusions with spaces and props. Inshallah this is set for a release in september 2011..and hopefully by then i will have figured out my thing for 33, as K very timely said today..”maybe you should get married for the big thing” hahah who knows maybe maybe not…

Thanks to cloudkhizzy who was friends with the art director for the film [ no offense but he didnt move an inch, being the art director and all:P] ometime around early july amidst crazy rains, i met him for lunch and we discussed movie prospect and how i coudnt take this as a freelance project and it had to be full-time. Damn!! this was crazy crossroad for me, i would have to quit my agency, because no matter how nice my memon boss is, he would not let me off for 3 months ..right!!! WRONG!!! after much deliberation i decided i would just quit, and tell my boss that i wanted to do this project and he can go hire some other person for his agency [ yeh i know rude but i was just badly wanting this and also scared about wanting this, so it was a combination of crazy emotions]. Anyway, upon finally talking to boss, he was like yeh go ahead take 3 months off, as long as you come back after that. I was shocked, did i hear him right??? did he just say take 3 months off [not paid obviously]?? Well that was definitely what i heard, because the next thing i did was email Mr art director and tell him i was in, full on.

Thank-God for this, because i spent the most crazy three months of my life, physically emotionally..every way. Allah Mian works in strange ways, a day before my shoot was to start i heard a personal news that completely killed me and i thought there was no way in hell i could ever do this crazy shoot or work or even move, but like i said Allah mian works in strange ways, i got so occupied with my work [ initially there was suddens moments of my breaking down internally and then i would just pick myself up and got going again] that even breakdown moments were rare or atleast got rarer over time. This dual intensity of losing something and working gave me a kind of strength that i could have never gotten otherwise.

I made some super amazing friends during this shoot, although most of the people were nothing like how i am , very very different but we connected amazingly. My work during the shoot was much more appreciated by the crew that was here from Holland and Germany. they were amazed that a girl could function like this in a country like pakistan and was not necessarily  messed up in the head. She laughed, she drove her car at every odd hour and she worked her ass off. 

Allah mian really took care of me during this whole thing, gave me strength and even love[real stuff], but to embrace that i would have to seriously get murdered by my mom, but it was nice to be appreciated like that;)

So yeh definitely THE BIG THING of 32 and it kicked 31’s ass!!! I am a better, stronger person and 2011 seems to be only going forward with this good feeling mashallah.

Thankyou God.

here are some images from the movie..:)

the setdresser in full gear

the crazies 101

Anina Diener- the production Goddess

mullah's scream -fahashi band karo

DOP and the coolest gaffer