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mirror question no 1

mirror mirror on the wall,

can they see the real me at all?

or is this suddenly about how i look?

or am i just in a shallow world


~those who do not show their romantic dreamy side, are usually the most soulful~

its me or probably just the fact that i am watching “dil tou pagal hai ” at the moment or maybe the fact that more and more i am seeing people like that

crystal ball

i once had a “Crystal ball” situation, where someone told me that my life would get really exciting and big post 30, i was very young then and the thought that damn i have to wait till 30 for excitement was a major blow to my romantic, dreamy soul. given that, i just trashed the whole notion and said whatever to so called what ifs and future etc, i just lead my life everyday without thinking, just living my life. i fell in love, i lost direction, got it back, everything happened and life carried on.

now post 30 , lfe is still exciting and future still unpredictable, but its nice. I like the unpredictability, i like having freinds around who are completely settled in life with kids, yes i have my moments [ oh well ok days!!] of sadness or loneliness or where am i going but having said all that in retrospect everthing makes sense to me and the crystal ball situation has come true, not because its some “oh my god i heard this ages ago its meant to be” no . i am just a stronger person now, i am better at being me, mashallah allah mian has given me friends who make up my life [few but precious] and i am more more me. my career is in the process of turning, and  i am liking this turn, its making me grounded and even though its after a long time, but the change is happening and i am loving it.

again i am leaving my post conclusion-less, but oh well, even my life is conclusion-less right now and its fine 😉

jal-us nahi hona please

i give off  some weird vibes obviously or im just too good:P, for the FOURTH FREAKING TIME, i heard a male friend tell me how his [fiance’. wife. girlfriend.whoever] had a problem with me and that he shouldnt talk to me.

now there are 2 ways i can assess this, the totally wrong way or i ca feel wonderful about myself and just go ahead and say..”jalouss ho kay mar jao gi”

and to the men who give in to such things…sod off!!!!


you sap me of my energy when you burn

but you also give me an adrenaline rush

you make me stop when you stop

but you also give me an unsaid hope

an unsaid desire to be free

to explore myself through you

i cant leave you

people think thats me not accepting change

but thats me wanting to be with you becuase you make me, me

if i do go away, some part of me belongs to you

dont burn, i love you

bring your life back

I Heart K


This is something i came across abhi, hilariously put rendition of Pakistani mindset, although i personally cant stand it when people use the word “burger” to categorize  bridge kay us par and is par, but fun read.

i had an episode with this ristha auntie who came from defence with her filmi sa beta and very aptly said..”bhai hum defence main tou rehtay hain magar hum un burger type logon jaisay nahi hain” as she pulled up her short short si capri pants even more

yuck .puke!!!